Designation and address
Assistant Professor, College of Poultry Production and Management,
Mathigiri Post, Hosur-635 110

M.V.Sc. (Veterinary Pathology)

T : +91-4372-234012
M: +91-9962416206

Fields(s) of specialization
Majoring field : Veterinary Pathology
Specializing field : Toxicologic Pathology and Experimental Oncology
Current Projects
  • Principal Investigator, Popularization of Namakkal Chicken-I to rural households of Krishnagiri for additional revenue generation. National bank for Agriculture and Rural Development, Chennai. Rs.2.69 lakhs.
Completed Projects
  • Central Council for Research in Ayurveda and Siddha (CCRAS) funded scheme on "Therapeutic Efficacy and Toxicity Studies of Nandimezhugu and Cancergazkesari in 7-12 Diethyl Benzanthracene Induced Mammary Tumours in Rats"- Senior Research Fellow
Recent Research Publications

S.Sathiya, V.Ranju, P. Kalaivani, R. Jyothi Priya, H. Sumathy, A.G.Sunil, C. Saravana Babu. 2013. Telmisartan attenuates MPTP induced dopaminergic degeneration and motor dysfuncti on through regulation of α-synuclein and neurotrophic factors (BDNF and GDNF) expression in C57BL/6J mice. Neuropharmacology.73: 98-110.

C.Saravana Babu, S.Sathiya, C.Anbarasi, G.Ramakrishnan, P.Kalaivani, R.Jyothi Priya, K.S.Kesavanarayanan, N.Prathyusha, M.V.Mahadevan, S.Thanikachalam. 2012. Polyphenols in Madhumegachooram, a Siddha medicine, ameliorates carbohydrate metabolism and oxidative stress in type II diabetic rats. Journal of Ethnopharmacology. 142: 331-336.

R.S.Ramaswamy, N.Prathyusha, R.Saranya, H.Sumathi, K.T.Mohanavalli, R.Jyothi Priya, J.Venkhatesh, C.Saravana Babu, K.Manickavasakam, S.Thanikachalam. 2012. Acute toxicity and the 28-day repeated dose study of a Siddha medicine Nuna Kadugu in rats. BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine. 12:190.

A.G. Sunil, K.S. Kesavanarayanan, P. Kalaivani, S. Sathiya, V. Ranju, R. Jyothi Priya, B. Pramila, F.D. Solomon Paul, J. Venkhatesh, C. Saravana Babu. 2011. Total oligomeric flavonoids of Cyperus rotundus ameliorates neurological deficits, excitotoxicity and behavioral alterations induced by cerebral ischemic-reperfusion injury in rats. Brain Research Bulletin. 84(6): 394-405.

R. Jyothi Priya, R. Sridhar, C. Balachandran and B. Murali Manohar. 2010. Effect of sodium benzoate treatment on body weight of Wistar rats. Indian Veterinary Journal. 87(3): 303-304.

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Shreenivas Singh, R. Jyothi Priya, L. Gunaseelan, S. Prathaban and C. Balachandran. 2005. Epidemiological studies on mycotic skin diseases in dogs. Tamil Nadu Journal of Veterinary and Animal Sciences. 1 (5&6): 132-134

Honours & Awards