About us
The Veterinary University Peripheral Hospital (VUPH), Madhavaram Milk Colony, Chennai - 51was established as the first Peripheral Veterinary Hospital of the University on 01.04.1995 at the University Headquarters in Madhavaram Milk Colony, Chennai. It is functioning under the Directorate of Clinics of the Tamil Nadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University. The primary mission of the hospital is to provide quality Veterinary and Animal Health Care Services to Farm and Pet animals of the suburban areas of North Chennai. In addition, the hospital also provides expert veterinary services to the University Farms and its constituent units and Dairy Animal Veterinary Services to the Small Holder Dairy units in Madhavaram and surrounding areas.

Work Profile of the Hospital:

  • Clinical Services
  • Clinical Education and Training
  • Clinical Human Resources Development
  • Clinical Research and Support Services
  • Extension and Outreach Services


  1. Primary Animal Health Care Services such as Deworming, De-ticking, Nail trimming, Ear care, Anal sac care, Skin care etc.
  2. Vaccination services such as Parvo – Distemper – Leptospirosis Vaccinations, Anti-rabies Vaccinations, Dog bite care and Post exposure rabies vaccinations etc.
  3. Farm animal Medical and Surgical Services
  4. Artificial Insemination and Reproductive Health Services
  5. Small animal Medical Services
  6. Small animal Surgical Services
  7. Small animal Gynaecological Services
  8. Small animal birth control and Gynecological Services
  9. Special Diagnostic and Referral Services


Veterinary University Peripheral Hospital is the designated centre for the Ambulatory Veterinary Medicine Programme of the Madras Veterinary College under -graduate students.

Clinical Courses handled at VUPH:

  • VCP – 411 Veterinary Clinical practice – I (0 +5)
  • VCP – 421 Veterinary Clinical practice – II (0 +5)
  • VCP – 511 Veterinary Clinical practice – III (0 +5)

Clinical Training for Undergraduates:

  • Clinical Internship Training to undergraduate students of Veterinary College and Research Institute, Namakkal.
  • Clinical exposure and training to Externship students.
  • Multi-purpose Artificial Insemination Training for unemployed educated youth of Tamil Nadu under the GoI-NPBB-TNLDA - MAITRI Programme

Clinical Postgraduate Courses & Research Supported:

  • One PG Student of Clinical Medicine, MVC, undertaking PG Research on Clinical Apheresis in Dogs
  • Faculty of this Hospital are Resource Persons / Course Teachers for the following PG Diploma Distance Education Programmes:
    • ECM 702 Shock and Haematological Emergencies
    • ECM 707 Fluid therapy and Transfusion Medicine
    • DER 701 Dermatological Examination and Procedures
    • DER 708 Ear diseases and Regional dermatitis
    • DUS 705 Echocardiography and Thoracic Ultrasonography
    • VOG 703 Follicular dynamics and egg maturation
  • Externship & Academic Consultancy Support
    • 2 Students from the Dept.of Biotechnology, Arulmigu Meenakshi Amman College of Engineering, Thiruvannamalai, under took Project Works Externship in Animal Blood Banking at the VUPH Referral Centre.


In addition to the clinical services, the following human resource development initiatives were also part of the activities of Veterinary University Peripheral Hospital.

  • Animal birth control training programme.
  • International Student Externship Clinical Training Programme.
  • GoI -NPBB -TNLDA -MAITRI Training on "Artificial Insemination for Bovines" is being in operation at VUPH to train 125 rural youths of Tamil Nadu.


Clinical research involving base line clinical data collection about various diseases in farm and pet animals are undertaken by the faculty of this hospital. Rare and notable clinical cases are documented in the form of clinical research publications. Clinical services are also extended to the research animals kept in the university campus and its constituent units.

Externally Funded Research Projects

  1. Proteomic Evaluation of Milk in Bovine Tuberculosis for Milk based Biomarkers DBT, Govt.of India
  2. ICAR Scheme on "Experiential Learning Centre in Ambulatory Clinical Complex and Animal Blood Banking" ICAR, Govt.of India
  3. Technology Empowerment of Small Holding Livestock Producers of Scheduled Caste Communities in Katpadi and Vellore Blocks of Vellore District in Tamilnadu DST, Govt.of India
  4. TANUVAS Research Corpus Fund project on "Fertility restoration in prolonged estrus associated infertile cattle through hormonal and herbal remedy" TANUVAS

Self Financing / Revolving Fund Projects in Operation

  • Pet animal Vaccination scheme (under Revolving fund of the University )
  • Revolving Fund Project of ICAR ELU Scheme on Veterinary Ambulatory Clinical Complex and Animal Blood Banking
    • Under this Project, Pet Animal Skin Health Care Services are being currently offered to companion animals at affordable costs.
    Cost/Procedure in Rupees
1. Small Animal Topical Therapy - Ectoparasitic / Topical Medications for Dogs less than 20 Kg
2. Small Animal Topical Therapy - Ectoparasitic / Topical Medications for Dogs more than 20 Kg
3. Otic Lavage
4. Nail Care / Anal Gland Care / Ear Care Procedures
5. Therapeutic Hair Trimming for Dogs less than 20 Kg
6. Therapeutic Hair Trimming for Dogs more than 20 Kg


Extension services are integral part of the day to day activities of the Veterinary University Peripheral Hospital. Farm advisory services are undertaken on day to day basis and about 10 farmers/clients are advised on livestock health and related issues. The other notable programmes includes:

  • Annual Rabies Awareness and Vaccination Programme.
  • Mass Contact Programmes.


Expertise of this Hospital is extended to the farm gates through Ambulatory Services to Livestock raised in the Licensee Units of the University and the nearby areas.
Small holder dairy units in and around the university campus at Madhavaram are also being provided with expert veterinary services as part of the hospital outreach activities.

Infrastructure and Facilities:

  • 2000 Sq feet built up area for the Clinical Services
  • 10,000 Sq feet area for hospital and support services.
  • Dedicated Small Animal Out-patient Clinic.
  • Dedicated Farm Animal Out-patient Clinic.
  • Dedicated Vaccination Clinic.
  • Clinical Seminar Hall


  • Small Animal Outpatient Medical Care.
  • Small Animal Internal Medicine and Cardiology Specialty Services.
  • Computerized Electrocardiograph.
  • Ultrasonography and Color Doppler Scan.
  • Emergency Medical Care.


  • Small and Farm Animal Out-patient Surgical Care.
  • Dedicated Small Animal Operation Theatre.
  • Dedicated Large Animal Operation Theatre.
  • Small Animal Radiology Unit.
  • Small Animal Physiotherapy Facilities.


  • Small and Farm Animal Outpatient Gynecological and Obstetrical Services.
  • Artificial Insemination Facilities.
  • Farm Animal Estrus Detector.
  • Animal Birth Control Facilities.


  • The hospital receives laboratory support from the Central University Laboratory and Leptospirosis Laboratory at Madhavaram and from the Centralized Clinical Laboratory of the Directorate of Clinics, at Madras Veterinary College, Vepery, Chennai – 7.

Experiential Learning Program:

This Hospital operates a ICAR funded Experiential Learning Unit (ELU) Program for the benefit of the Clinical Students, for their clinical and entrepreneurial skill developments. The ELU at VUPH has two components for providing Experiential & Entrepreneurial Training to Students as
1. Veterinary Ambulatory Clinical Complex &
2. Animal Blood Banking
The Facilities and Services under this ELU include:
1. Pet Animal Skin Health Care Services
2. Pet Animal Boarding Care Services
3. Pet Care Services & Consultancy
4. Animal Blood Banking Services
5. Veterinary Transfusion Medicine Services

Special Diagnostics Unit &Referral Services:

This Hospital operates dedicated special diagnostic units for advanced clinical support to needy patients. The facilities include

  • Small Animal Radiology Services
  • Physiotherapy Services
  • Colour Doppler Ultrasound Imaging Services
  • Computerized ECG Services
  • Referral Centre for Veterinary Transfusion Medicine (RCVTM)

Hospital working hours:

  • 8.00 am to 1.00 pm on working days / week days.
  • 8.00 to 11.30 am on Government holidays.
  • Office Hours : 8.00 AM to 4.00 PM on working days / week days.


The fee structures in practice are uniform for the hospital functioning under The Directorate of Clinics. TANUVAS

Services (Amount in rupees)
Registration charges for all animal (Valid for 1 week) 50.00
Daily service charges at Mobile clinic 20.00
Major surgery-Small Animal (dogs cats) 500 .00
Minor surgery-Small Animal (dogs cats) 200 .00
Surgery for Large animal 50.00
X-Ray plain 50.00
X-Ray Contrast 200.00
Tail docking pups upto days 10 50.00
Artificial insemination one dose cow and buffalo 15.00
Vaccination DHPPL 210.00
Anti-rabies vaccination 90.00


The clinical faculty positions of the hospital include one Professor and Head, one Associate Professor, and two Assistant Professors of Veterinary Clinical Sciences. Support staff for the hospital is on deputation basis from the university units.

Dr.S.Kavitha, Professor
Dr.V.Vijay Anand, Assistant Professor
Dr.A.Methai, MVSc, PGDDUS, Ph.D., Assistant Professor (Animal Reproduction, Gynecology & Obstetrics).
M.Shiju Simon, Assistant Professor | | Mobile: +91-9841871524

Veterinary University Peripheral Hospital
Tamil Nadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University
Madhavaram Milk Colony Chennai -600 051